Workwear Wishlist


As I spend pretty much half my life at work (not actually complaining, because I do like my job) I've noticed that more and more of my wardrobe is being tranformed into workwear, mainly down to the fact that there's not a strict dress code with me working in marketing. That said, I thought it was about time to start looking for some pieces bought specifically for work, and then I'm not losing all my summer dresses and night out outfits.
I don't think you can beat a little red dress, it's pretty much the LBD's cooler younger sister, and the perfect way to brighten up your outfits without being too jazzy, I think this one in particular looks really chic and would look amazing with the blazer I've picked out. I'm a huge blazer lover as they manage to smarten up pretty much any outfit, so I probably end up wearing one 2/3 times a week thrown over a summer dress or teamed with jeans and a little silky top. For me, a work bag has to be big, that way I can carry my notebooks, many chargers, business cards & all the other essentials without walking into somewhere looking like you've brought half your home. I find Nica is the best place to look for bags, and I'll always have a least 2 in my wardrobe.
Now I've mentioned my love for Marc Jacobs on here sooo many times, so it felt wrong to not include something timeless and understated on here, that would easily slip into any work wardrobe (hint hint to Liam). I found this one from Market Cross Jewellers who have so many in the sale right now so I'd definitely take a peek there!
What do you tend to wear for work? Would you be interested in seeing more of these type posts?

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