A Little Bit Of Lovin'


So, with the big day within reach it's got me feeling a little jealous about all you loved up cats. Not that I'm not in a lovely relationship (and it's a pretty amazing at that) but in general we tend to skip over valentines day because our anniversary is only a few days before - this year it was the big 10 years so I got whisked away for a mini break of shopping, drinking & eating lots of scrummy food in Liverpool. Why are these things over so quickly huh?

Anyway, for those of you who do like to make a bit of a fuss, I've found the cutest little app that takes all the pain away from choosing the right gift (or pretending you love something when it's really not your cup of tea). Simply all you have to do is pop a "wish" or a cheeky little hint onto the wishing tree along with a couple of selections of your favourite jewellery type and who your valentine is and the cupids over at Pandora will work their magic. Not only that, but the app is pretty sweet anyway so you should definitely check it out!

Have you made a wish for valentines day? Do you have any big plans?

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