Denim 3 Ways


I'm on a bit of a spending ban at the moment, Januarys always a bit of a penny pincher month after spending so much indulging at Christmas, and then you've got holidays to pay for, and obviously we've got lots of house things to pay for as we're still only 5 months into the whole first house thing.

That said, we do have a cheeky weekend away planned for our anniversary so I decided that if I can plan 3 outfits with one item of clothing then it's okay to buy right? So I've found this beautiful pair of jeans on New Look, and they're only £22.99 which is a bit of a bargain when you compare to other high street shops. I've created 3 looks, the casual weekend shopping look, the night out, and a nice little lunch date number too.

I just love how versatile denim can be compared to all other clothing, admit it girls, I'm sure you've all got certain items in your wardrobe that only ever get worn with that one other piece! The only problem is.. I know what to buy everything else which I've paired them with (all available on NL now), especially the lunch date - those heels look so cute and the platform means that a shorty* like myself can get away with wearing heels all day without the complete ache of a normal stiletto.

*of course, when I say shorty, I'm referring to my struggle with height, and I'm not referring to myself in any kind of "street talk" haha.

What's you favourite look? Do you do the same when buying new clothes or does it not cross your mind?

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  1. Beautiful selection! I am in love with that top in the middle, is it from New Look too?