Gluten Free Happiness


Recently, the lovely people over at ilumi asked if I'd like to try one of their naturally gluten free meal plans, I'm not coeliac but I do always try to eat healthy and know that gluten can often make you feel pretty sluggish so I decided to give it a try.

I did the 28 day plan*, as this is the one that's supposed to give you the biggest noticeable change in your lifestyle. Included is 40x meals (mainly curries & casseroles), 20x sides (rices & similar), 16x soups and 11x ilumi endorsed products (porridges, breakfast biscuits etc). As all products are ambient you don't need to worry about space in the fridge, although I did find that these took over my reasonably small kitchen for a good 2/3 weeks!

First impressions are that I love the branding and handy little microwave pouches. All products are guaranteed to be nut, gluten & milk free so they do manage to cover quite a few allergies. After completing the challenge I have mixed feelings, I'll highlight my pros and cons below.

• Great to come home and not have to worry about making a big mess in the kitchen whilst still having a healthy meal.
• I have to admit that I did feel a lot more chipper with a good bit of get up and go.
• The 28 day trial lasted me far longer than the 28 days, probably more like a month and a half due to only having the main meals in the evening and adding a couple of my own cooked meals in between.
• Nice handy tips on the front of packets suggesting the perfect side.

• I think the cooking instructions need a little work, I tried these on a couple of microwaves adjusting the timing compared to power, however they never really came out that warm so I ended up heating on the hob each time.
• Not a huge variety in meals, I did feel like I was eating the same things over and over.
• Needing room to store everything - would be great if you could have them in 2 deliveries instead.
• Some of the meals did have a bit of a mushy watery 'microwave meal' taste/appearance, which is what they technically are, but I did expect a little more due to the branding and all their healthy promises.

Overall I probably would try them again, although I think next time I'd just go for the 7 or 14 day plan with mainly casseroles and thai style curries. Have you tried ilumi before? Would you give them a go?

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