Summer Sailing


Recently I've been lusting for loads of lovely sea inspired pieces, I just think the whole sailor influenced look is a really nice style for summer, and it's something that comes back in trend year after year. Also, it's super feminine, tailored and pretty easy for everyone to wear - a winner in my book.

Here's just a few pieces that are at the top of my wishlist, I'm incredibly in love with the white cut out dress & heels together, such a perfect summer evening outfit, I'll be very surprised with myself if these two haven't made themselves into my shopping basket by the end of the week!

That stunning watch by Breitling is also right at the top of my list too, but at just over 2k I'll probably be holding off on this one - at least for this month... haha! Well, it would be a good investment after all, and a girls gotta have a good watch right?

What's your favourite summer trend to wear? What do you think of my favourite pieces?

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  1. The flats are wonderful.. Also loved the striped shirt :)

  2. aaw this is so cute! Love the shirt and slippers! <3

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