Give Me Strength


When I'm going away, I always try and protect my hair from all the heat, over styling and other nasties that really dry your hair out. This year I took a huge bottle of Aussie Take The Heat styling spray, which I used to spray all over my hair before heading out in the sun, kind of like a sun cream. Since I've been back I've been using this little beauty from Hairtrade (the UK online supplier of hair extensions), which is said to strengthen and repair hair.

I've been using this for around about 3 or 4 weeks now, and simply spray on to towel dried hair from my mid lengths to ends, (it does say to spray all over, however as I have fine hair I tend to always avoid my roots to prevent them from becoming greasy). I've found that it makes my hair a lot easier to get my tangle teezer through, as I do sometimes struggle with snagging. As far as I can tell, my hair has a lot less split ends and breakages than it did 4 weeks ago, so I'd definitely purchase this again, and would probably actually use it whilst I was on holiday too. I'm also really impressed that this is a spray on liquid, as products I've used in the past have always been pump serums, which are a little harder to distribute through your hair.

Have you tried this before? Are you a fan of Paul Mitchell products?

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  1. My hair is pretty good at the mo due to being preggo but I'm well awware it will go back to tangled wig, if not worse, after Babba is here. Paul Mitchell is egtting great reviews on blos so I really need to invest!


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