This Year ImProving


I never bother with New Years resolutions, personally I think waiting until a New Year to change something that you think needs changing seems a little silly, plus I imagine the rate of people actually properly following their resolutions is pretty low!

Instead, I've decided to take part in Debt Free Direct #ImProving2014 campaign, which is all about improving yourself gradually this year, whether that's to be better with money, eat healthier, get fit etc. I've decided that now I've finished university, and settled into real working life that I want to take better care of myself, that's cutting out a lot of the crap that I eat (which is hard when you live in Manchester city centre!), and getting more active.

I was lucky enough to be sent some lovely bits to help me on my way to achieving my goal, a sports direct voucher, an armband to hold my phone, and a inspirational running book; Born To Run. I managed to pick myself some amazing super light Adidas running trainers, and a matching Karrimor running jacket - you have to co-ordinate right? Armed with my new gear, I've been going on a 30 minute run, 3 days a week, although admittedly I have missed a couple due to house viewings straight after work. One of my favourite places to shop for new activewear is who have a huge array of items from clothing to everything you need to set up your own home gym.

I've been using the runkeeper app, which has been really helpful, and has given me a little more motivation due to the fact I can see how I've done on previous runs. It did take some motivation getting into running, especially for someone who's pretty new, and I'm shamed to say that I never usually exercise. As well as running, I've also undertaken the 30 day squat challenge, which I finished today, hurray! I'm pretty happy to say that I think I've firmed up a bit, and I'm definitely feeling happier and healthier in general.

What would your goal be if you took part in #ImProving2014?

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  1. Mine would be to drop a dress size or two, I nearly got there but then Christmas came along...

  2. Ooo, the 30 day squat challenge sounds pretty intense.. Would love to hear more about it? Good luck with the rest of your challenge. I'm also looking into being more active but I'm rubbish when the weather looks miserable! Excuses, excuses.. Haha.


  3. Wow 3 times a week?! that's dedication! And you have completed the 30 day squat challenge! Well done and keep up the good work. I just feel so lazy after reading this
    Jenni x
    The Thrifty Magpies Nest