New Years Celebrations


Happy 2014 everyone, hope you all had an amazing night whatever you got up to. It's always nice to start a new year, but I don't know if this year can top 2013 for me, I finished my degree, graduated with a 1st, moved to central Manchester with my lovely fiancé, and managed to get a job that I love. 2014 already has a lot to live up to!

I mentioned in yesterdays post that we were planning a cocktail night in, so I thought I'd share a few photos with you. We decided to have a mini American Hillbilly theme, only dictated by my new dungarees, and our mason glasses and cocktail shaker. To make the night even better, we cooked up our favourite food, big, messy, dirty burgers with waffle fries, a la Almost Famous style. It might not be too healthy, but it's damn tasty! I posted a few more cocktails over on my instagram feed, but I wanted to capture the first cocktail of the night here, Christmas Cranberry Mojitos which were as delicious as they look, something we'll definitely be making again.

Oh and that odd looking jar on the table? Pickled hot dogs that the fiancé made, and yes, they're the best bar snack! You can follow him on instagram too, for lots of yummy food, beers and coffee as well a bit more of a snoop into our little lives.

Did you get up to much last night?

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  1. Oh this looks like such a fun night! All that food looks amazing <3
    Happy New Year :)

    Jess xo

  2. Those burgers look even better than Almost Famous :')! Yep, I said it! Have a wonderful 2014!!

  3. Oh god this looks good!!! What a way to bring in the new year! Hope 2014 just gets even better for you
    Chambray & Curls

  4. That burger looks absolutely amazing!
    Happy New Year! xx

  5. The Cranberry Mojitos look so good! I love Royal Mojitos, so good!
    Cornelia - Ineffable Beauty

  6. Thought I would comment and say great theme, did you design it on your own? Its really great!
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  7. Congrats on your first lovely :)