Uevo Design Cube


When I was asked by Hyde Park Hair Shop, the only UK seller of the Uevo Design Cube, if I wanted to try one of the uevo waxes I was extremely excited. The uevo cubes remind me of lego, they're super colourful cubes which are completely stackable, and stored inside is a japanese hair wax, each with it's own purpose.

I was recommended the Round Wax for my hair type, which is a pinky orange pearlescent wax with a medium texture and hold, it's scent is a heavenly high quality salon product smell, you know the type! The round wax is suitable for most hair types, and creates a naturally frizz-free glossy look when applied to your locks after blowdrying and styling. I've been adding around a pea size amount to the main body and ends of my hair after straightening, and it's the only product that I've ever used that makes me feel like I've just been to the salon. So much so, that I'm keeping it for special occasions as it's far too superior to anything else I put on my hair. The first time I tried the wax I spent the day walking around the Manchester Christmas markets wearing a snood, and once I got home I barely had a hair out of place.

I'd 100% recommend the uevo cubes, and think you should go and find one that's perfect for you now! :)

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  1. Nice post!


  2. Is it heavy at all? I am looking for an anti frizz cream that will help my hair to stop going crazy when I wear hats, and you actually mentioned that so this sounds good.

    Ineffable Beauty

  3. These immediately reminded me of Liese Clear Cube wax!

    Stella | stellashek

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