Sunglasses: London Retro*. Dress: River Island. Shoes: Steve Madden Wanting.

I've been meaning to show you these gorgeous glasses for ages, I actually shot some photos of them in a different outfit a couple of months ago, but that mysteriously disappeared, but it's all good because it gives me an opportunity to wear my favourite dress and shoes again!

I was sent these stunners from MyOptique, who very kindly added a sunglasses tint to these frames, (I have an unhealthy collection of sunglasses). London Retro is a brand that I haven't really heard of before, but I'm glad to of been introduced because these have some amazing frames, which are all pretty quirky, in a good way.

Have you heard of London Retro before? Do you like these glasses?

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  1. These glasses are amazing, really suit your face!x