Gift Guide: Running Shoes


Running shoes, in my opinion, are the perfect gift for a girl who has everything. They're not usually the shoe right at the top of your giftlist, but a couple of months back I treated myself to a new pretty pair of running shoes and it actually made me excited for the gym. It's amazing how having more fashionable gym clothes can boost your productivity. I thought these would be a great idea to give your friend that little bit of inspiration if they've mentioned that they want to do a bit more exercise in January, I know I'll be working towards that bikini body!

Above are some of my favourites from Millet Sports, who have a huge range of all different types and colours. The top left are closest to my pair of running shoes, so I had to include them (mine are reebok, but I couldn't find them online), but I also really love the turquoise New Balance pair too, these would of definitely been the pair that I would of been lusting after back in my school days.

Would you ever consider buying these as a gift? Which is your favourite?

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  1. I really like those minty coloured ones. I recently got some new running shoes and I love them, but I can't decide whether, if someone bought me some, it would be a little bit insulting, like "you need these"...I guess that worry would put me off buying a pair for someone else, unless I knew they actually wanted some.

  2. I love the Nike ones at the bottom middle. I think gifting these is a good idea, especially if you know the person likes the gym/running. I know what you mean about cute gym clothes etc, when I got my first proper pair of running shoes I went non stop! Wearing lots of pink/purples to the gym makes me happy as well haha xx

    Made In A Cup

  3. Oh I love the chevron pair in the bottom middle. Not like anything I've seen before.
    Water Painted Dreams xxx