Put On Your Dancing Shoes


We all complain about the horrible weather that winter brings, but I know we're all super excited about the party season that comes with it. It's not the partying I love the most, it's the excuse to buy more shoes, yay! Here's some ladies heels that I'm absolutely loving at the moment all from Jones Boot Makers.

It would be a toss up between the shoes in the middle and the nude pair for my favourite, they'd both look stunning with my favourite jeans, I love the cute detailing and the T-bar strap on the middle pair, but every girl needs a nice pair of nude shoes in her wardrobe. I'm also pretty in love with the blue heels, and if I'd of found these a few months back they would of definitely made an appearance at my graduation. The court styling means that they'll go with anything, and always stay in style, and the scallop edging adds a nice girly touch.

Which is your favourite pair? Are you planning your party outfits yet?

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  1. The middle pair and the Ted Bakers NEED to be in my wardrobe!
    Talk about gorgeous :)

    Kerys | littleboblab.com

  2. Love the middle T bar shoes, I have a pair almost exactly like them from clarks, they are SO comfy, I have worn them for days and not hurt my feet!

    Ineffable Beauty