Monday Manicure #51 - The Lights


Models Own Southern Lights & Northern Lights

Now this gorgeous little duo isn't new to the blog, I actually shared these with out back near their release in Winter 2012, but I've recently fallen back in love with them, and they've barely left my nails (partially due to how difficult it is to remove glitter polish!). 

I tried out this combination last week, and the whole time I was wearing it I just couldn't help staring at my nails, they just looked so princessy, and magical! I'm sure I'm not the first person to stumble across this stunning combo, but if you do own both then I strongly suggest that you give this a go!

What's your thoughts on the pink & purple glittery combo? Is it something you'll be trying?

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  1. Love this manicure! So pretty! I love the look of glitter polishes, they add a bit of bling. I definitely would love to try this combo :)

    A Day In The Life Of Mel:

  2. These are so pretty! Haven't worn glitter nail varnish in ages and I don't know why x

  3. I have Northern Lights and it's so stunning one but yes! So frustrating to get off! I found that if I soaked my fingers in warm/hot water, it makes the glitter polish peel off in one :) xx

  4. Glitter polish is so bad to get off, it puts me off wearing it too most of the time but this makes me want to dig out the sparkle! These are amazing and they need a place in my nail varnish colleciton