Aussie Take The Heat


I actually only bought this product because I had a voucher for 10% off haircare and Boots had 3 for 2 on at the same time. I decided to pick it up because as I've mentioned before, I use heat protection spray religiously so I knew it would come in handy, plus I just love Aussie products. I used to style my hair everyday, and although I do try and let my hair rest, I am still regularly drying and straightening, especially when I'm at work during the week. 

I don't find heat protection to be all that exciting, but this product has changed my mind. Not only doe it protect your hair, but it also helps to tame and smooth too, as well as making your hair super shiny. Plus it contains jojoba oil, and has an amazing fragrance. The pump gives you a nice even fine spray, which prevents you from using too much and making your hair greasy. I'll be repurchasing this to take on holiday with me next year, to protect my hair from the sun, after all it's not just styling products that can dry out your hair! 

Do you love Aussie products? Have you tried this spray?

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  1. I love Aussi products and this is one of my favourites of theirs. Does what it says on the tin and I agree it smells gorgeous!


  2. I'm really interested to try this now, my hair often goes a little frizzy from heat drying! xx

  3. I love aussie shampoo. This looks great too! x

    Helen @

  4. really pretty and I like her style

  5. I really do enjoy using aussie, they make my hair smell absolutely great. This spray does sound really good, I have really curly hair which often needs a bit of taming!

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  6. I love Aussie products - definitely one of my fave ranges!