Reviewing John Frieda Once Again


Remember when I tried a few John Frieda products before? Well I was asked to try some more, and after falling in love with them before I could hardly say no. This time I've been giving the Full Body range (although I did review the Full Body Conditioner before here) and Blow Dry Lotion.

The shampoo smells absolutely gorgeous, extremely fruity and sweet, with a thick gloopy consistency which is pearlescent and leaves your hair very shiny. As soon as I washed the shampoo out my hair already felt softer, and it felt super soft after I followed it up with the conditioner.

I then worked two sprays of the Blow Dry Lotion through towel dried hair, and set to work with my hair dryer. My hair looked and felt much more voluminous than usual, as my hair is really fine and falls flat instantly, however after using these products it felt so bouncy all day. Also after using styling products everyday my hair can be pretty dry, but now there's no more dry hair with full repair, as it's made for both coloured and dry hair!

Once again I'm really impressed with John Frieda products, they're just so inexpensive but so effective. Have you tried any John Frieda products before? What do you think of them?

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  1. I love John Frieda, the quality is astounding!
    I'm yet to try this range, but I'm glad to hear you enjoyed using the products :)

  2. Great review. Love John Frieda's products, I'm currently using their Go Blonder range.

  3. I love John Freda products, I've been using their shampoo and conditioner for coloured brunette hair for agessssss. I haven't really tried many of their treatments though, but the root booster sounds like exactly what I need!

    Charlotte xo

  4. Wow, never heard of this brand before! I might try it out, I'll need new hair products soon. Thanks for the tip! :)

  5. I have been loving John Frieda lately! That Blow Out Spray impressed me. I wasn't expecting much but it actually makes a difference :)