Nakd Celebration Box


I was recently sent a lovely box of healthy snacks from the media agency Total Media. I've tried Nakd bars before, but they always have a rubbish selection in my local shops so I haven't been able to try any of the exciting flavours, or the raisins! The celebration box is a great way to try out the range, you get two of each of the top flavours which includes Apple Pie, Banana Bread, Cocoa Orange, Berry Delight, Cashew Cookie, Cocoa Delight, Lime raisins, Cola raisins, Cherry raisins.

These have worked their way into my lunch box, and I'll definitely be repurchasing after I've got through this box, they're incredibly yummy, and really fill you up despite their size. They're 100% natural, vegan friendly and 1 of your 5 a day so you don't have to feel guilty about tucking into a nice banana bread or cashew cookie! You can also buy these in cases of one flavour too, which is great once you've found your favourite, I could easily devour a box of Cocoa Delight!

Have you tried nakd bars before? Which sounds the tastiest to you?

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  1. Oh my god I've always wanted to try these! The banana bread sounds gorgeous! I love bananas. I'm making an effort to eat healthier and I think these would be brill! :)

  2. I've always wanted to try these but whenever I see them there's always an awful selection! Cashew cookie sounds delicious, will keep an eye out for it x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  3. This has made me so hungry now, would love to try nakd bars!!

  4. thumbs up for healthy snacks! :D

  5. This is such a good idea, considering when I snack I always go for crisps or chocolate. I've tried a few of the nakd bars before and they really are so nice :)

  6. I LOVE the sound of the apple pie bar. Normally healthy bars like that aren't particularly "fancy", but these look great!

    Millie x

    Hidden Beauty♥

  7. Mmm these sound so tasty - love the names! I keep meaning to try some nakd goodies, maybe I will get some soon. xx