My Favourite Apps


Today I want to share something a bit different than the norm, something I've wanted to do for a while now, but haven't got around to it. However Dial-A-Phone are running a little campaign about favourite apps so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity.

I absolutely love using apps, they make my life so much easier, and can be amazing for boredom busting, especially if you've got a long train journey or you're lucky enough to be jetting off somewhere nice! Here are my top 3 favourite apps which I couldn't live without, in order of the images!

Zinio - A more recent download, but still up there in my top 3 apps. Zinio is basically an app for downloading and reading magazines. You can purchase subscriptions or one off magazines for pretty much anything, although always check you're buying the UK version if that's the one that you want! I've got a huge library of different magazines ready for any time that I have half an hour to pass. Plus since I've signed up for an account Zinio keep sending me one off vouchers to buy any magazine, everyone likes a freebie right?

Paper - I think this was the first app I downloaded when I bought my ipad, and it's still one of my most used now! Paper is an app for drawing, and you can have as many little notebooks as you please. I have one for my blog, general ideas and work ideas. It's just perfect for jotting down ideas or brainstorming. You can also customise the notebooks, and change the tool you use for drawing as well as the colour.

Pepperplate - easily my most used app, and probably the best I've ever downloaded, I seriously recommend you try this one. Pepperplate is basically a recipe app, but instead of coming preloaded with tonnes of recipes you'll never use, you import your own from your favourite recipe websites. It also has handy tools included, such as scalability (if you're cooking for 2 but the recipe is for 4 it will automatically recalculate your measurements for you), a planner, and a shopping list. You can get Pepperplate on your phone, ipad or use it online, so it's easy to add items in, or check if you need anything for tea from anywhere!

What are your most used apps? Have you tried any of these?

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  1. I havent heard of any of these! i need to download some new apps though, i have barely any! x

  2. Thanks for your recommendation, I'm about to download Paper now!
    Estelle x

  3. wow these all look excellent!

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