Vamping It Up


Having always had dark eyebrows, and quite full ones at that (you do not want to see my school photos!) I never really thought about filling my eyebrows in, I mean, why would I want them even darker right? Well for Christmas I received a w7 eyebrow kit, I'm not sure if it was a hint, but I decided to give it a go and I'm so glad I did because they look so much better! Since then I've been looking to try something better, the w7 palette is ok but I either have to go far too light, or black which can be a bit much, plus the shadows aren't quite as pigmented as I'd like.

That's where the HD Brows Kit comes in, I've heard lots of good things about it, so I wanted to give it a go, and share my opinion as a eyebrow newbie. The palette comes in three varieties, Bombshell for blondes, Foxy for brunettes, and Vamp for very dark or black hair. I believe each kit has a nude for highlighting, a carbon shadow for creating smokey eyes or for using as a makeshift eyeliner, and then two other shadows to match your hair.

First impressions were really good with this product, it comes in a nice sturdy black glossy case, with a mirror inside and four large eyeshadows. I was happy to find out that you only need to use the tiniest amount of the shadows as it's pretty pigmented. To create this look I used the nude under my eyebrows to highlight, rich brown on my lid, blended with the carbon near my lashes, and then I filled in my eyebrows with the dark brown shade. I'm really impressed with the kit, and I think it's versatile enough to create a number of different looks.

Have you tried HD Brows before? What do you think to bold brows?

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  1. Aw this looks lovely, the case its really nice.
    I've never tried it but i might be after all the good reviews i've been seeing.

    Kelly ||

  2. I've been using HD Brows ever since I got it in a glossy box ages ago! I actually didn't know where to buy it from until now, thanks for sharing! :)

    The Little Antlers - blog
    Little Lemon Designs - portfolio
    My Etsy Shop!

  3. Hey, I've just come across your blog and I love it! All your posts are interesting and I love the pictures, you're so pretty! Keep it up!

  4. I've heard good things about this product! I have the same issue as you - you don't want to see my old school photos. I had more eyebrows than hair on my head. xx

  5. I don't think i could live without this! It is my favourite make up product ever!!! x

  6. I used to use this before my current eyebrow product and LOVED it. Only one of the shades was a perfect match which I used all up. I've been meaning to buy a second!