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uk fashion blog

Jeffrey Campbell brooklyn t-bar wedge

After buying my first pair of Jeffrey Campbell's I've been aching to have my own little collection, in particular I wanted my other pair in the black version but they were sold out online unless you're a lucky 3. So then I was browsing ebay, and I spotted these beauties, and they weren't even labelled up as JCs, but I knew they were, and spotted the box in the photo too, they were titled something like Black Office Wedges 4 New, extremely excited I popped them on my watchlist, and when they finished I managed to bag them for around £20 delivered. Not bad for a pair of £115 shoes, that still had all their stickers and box! I checked them against my other pair and they're definitely the real deal! I'm thinking of wearing this pair to graduation instead now because like my other pair, their super easy to walk in, and they'll match my robes too.

What's your best ebay bargain? What do you think of these wedges?

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  1. These are gorgeous! can't believe how cheap you got them, so strange the buyer didn't even write JC on the description haha


  2. These are amazing, such a bargain too! xoxo

  3. these are so nice, and an amazing price :') xx

  4. Amazing, what a bargain!! They're so nice :)

    Julia x

  5. Wow! These are gorgeous! What a great bargain you nabbed!

    I didn't know Office sold Jeffrey Campbells, excuse me while I go peruse ;)


  6. What a bargain! I managed to bag a few pairs of Irregular choice in the past for very little and last week was pleased to pick up a couple of Fever dresses for very little.

  7. That's an insane bargain! Beautiful x x

  8. Ooooo these shoes! So many outfits I could think these would go with, stunning!


  9. These are gorgeous! I can't manage in normal heels so I'd never been able to wear these bad boys, amazing bargain! x

  10. Ooooh my lanta, look at those shoes! I wonder if the seller knew they were JC shoes, haha!

    - Jess
    The Mod Mermaid

  11. I have these shoes too!
    They are a little big for me though so I may have to sale :(


  12. Oh my gosh I need them haha! You are so lucky with your Ebay JC purchases recently haha :)