Monday Manicure #44 : Models Own Lime Green


I want to start by saying that this is not a colour that I'd usually choose at all, however I bought it as part of a pack in TK Maxx a few months back, and since then it's just been sat in my blog box shouting 'use me, use me'. I'm just not sure on the whole green nails area?

Anyway, I decided to give the polish ago, and as a Models Own polish I found the formula a little disappointing initially, the first coat just seemed really runny and sheer, however the second coat managed to make them look really opaque which impressed me. The finish is extremely glossy and smooth. I'm still not completely taken by the colour, but there's something I like about it at the same time. I'm imagining it would look nice on holiday accompanied by a tropical print bikini.  If all else fails, I'll probably just keep this polish for use at Halloween, haha.

What's your thoughts on green polishes? Would you wear this?

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  1. Im more of a fan of emerald nails at the moment but this is quite a fun colour!

    Lisa xo

    Damn Precious

  2. Green polish is so strange! I only have 1 which is the Pow Green by Maybelline, which I do really like, but it just takes a while to get use to Green on the nails, I have no idea why haha

  3. I love this colour! I loved my mint green from last year that it has nearly ran out :( I also have an emerald shade which looks great in winter. Very pretty.

    Awake Looks

  4. I actually like the colour but I can see why people wouldn't like it as well x

  5. I dont know why, but I actually really really like this! It will look so good on holiday!
    Estelle x

  6. Didn't think I would like this colour but it looks Great. Is models own a good brand for polish?

    1. Personally I think so, I have around 40 bottles of theirs! :)

  7. I have this colour on just now and love it!

  8. Love this shade, I haven't tried any models own polishes x

  9. I love bright colour on nails, looks fab! x

  10. that's a cool color - different :) x