New Beginnings..


Now that me and the fiancé have finished university, and the boy has landed himself a really good design job, we're starting a new beginning in our lives. I'm on a hunt for a job in social media, blogging or design in the North West Area which is pretty difficult, but today we're off on the search for somewhere to live in Manchester. A full day ahead of looking round different areas, I have my eye on Green Quarter, but pretty open at the moment though because apartments to rent in Manchester go off the market within a matter of days!

Personally I love looking around new places, and I'm excited to get in somewhere new, although I'm dreading the actual packing, and moving! I'll be super happy to call somewhere new home, and to get all the lovely pieces I've been collecting and finally put them out on display. I received this gorgeous cushion from elinens during the week, and it looks pretty of the sofa but I think it will look amazing with some other scatter cushions built up in our new bedroom. It's made up of gorgeous sequin flowers, and just looks incredibly girly and pretty, but classy and grown up at the same time. Elinens sell a huge variety of bedding, cushions and other interior items and have some really nice pieces, I particularly love their Kylie Minogue pieces.

Do you like my new cushion? What are you up to this weekend?

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  1. I'm a sucker for cushions - I took my boyfriend to Home Sense once after we'd been for a meal to look at cushions haha :) Good luck on your apartment search, I hope you find somewhere lovely!

    Love, Hails x |

  2. Welcome to Manchester ;-) I live in 'Greater Manchester' technically but hey ho haha, good luck on the apartment search :-)

  3. Lovely cushion! I am a sucker for cushions :)

  4. The North West is actually a really good spot for Digital jobs. You've come to the right place ;) Plus I live in the Green Quarter too. Have you found a place to live now?