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clarks desert boots

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I hate the word, but how "funky" are these desert boots from Clarks? They're a part of Clarks Originals Desert Boot collection, which is made up of some lovely everyday colours like pastel neutrals, blacks, browns etc but then there's also some really amazing patterned versions. This particular pattern is by Eley Kishimoto who have collaborated with Clarks for spring summer 2013 showcasing their shared values in creativity, and craftsmanship with a unique british twist. It was a toss up between the pair I got, and the blue patterned version because they're both so stand out, but in the end I decided that the orange is a more girly summer colour.

Because they're a statement piece I think these could be worn with any outfit, without the need to match colours or patterns. The shoes are really comfortable, however I had a bit of an ordeal getting them on as they're really slim fitting and the tongue is attached at the bottom meaning there's not much room to slide your foot in, and that's even after I chose to size up half a size. As the inside is leather I imagine they will break in and become a bit looser to put on after time. However once they are actually on the sole bends really nicely, it's like the bottom is made of jelly, so they're great to walk in.

They come beautifully packaged in a simple black shoe box with Eley Kishimoto lettering on the top, and a really nice monochrome dust bag which I believe is also designed by Eley Kishimoto. I'd definitely recommend these if your looking for something a bit different and a statement this summer, although saying that, I'm also eyeing up some of their more subtle pairs for everyday wear.

What do you think? How would you wear these?

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  1. oh my god I am in love with these boots!! They look amazing, might just have to go and get myself a pair! x


  2. They're slim fitting? Hallelujah! I have the hardest time finding shoes.

  3. Oh wow i'm completely in love with the pattern!

  4. ohh these are deffo funky! haha love them! x

  5. They're beautiful, love the colours!

    Julia x

  6. Aw these are so cool! LOVE the pattern so much! Fab photos as well! ((:

    I am running an International Giveaway on my blog now, and I'd love it if you enter for the chance to win some YSL, Chanel and Essie products! <3


  7. I love these :) they look so fun x

  8. It may hard to pull this shoes off but maybe wearing it with black pencil skirts or something like that :)

  9. Gorgeous print, I never even think to shop in Clarks to be honest! Looks like have had a revamp!

    http://hannahrebekahcampbell.blogspot.com x

  10. These are amazing! Definitely checking out these.
    Now following you on bloglovin!


  11. Oh my word these are so cute!! I love them. Clarks has some really nice stuff if you actually look for it. Definitely putting these on my lust list!
    Sara at BelfastBeautyLove xx

  12. These shoes are so awesome!! I've never seen anything like them!


  13. My mum actually makes the bags for Eley Kishimoto :) I ADORE some of their prints, they did a rabbit one a few seasons ago that I wanted SO much! She's actually working with this print now! xx