Monday Manicure #37 - The Wyndham


I really wasn't too sure how The Wyndham would look on nails, it's labelled as one of Nails Inc's Special Effects, but I wasn't sure what the effect was going to be, as to me it just appeared as a green glitter, in what I could only describe as an egg yolk solution.

I decided try a neutral base first, and chose one of my all time favourite colours, Slate Grey. I then put one coat of The Wyndham over the top, and I was instantly amazed. It's such a lovely understated glitter top coat, sometimes you can't see the glitter, and sometimes it's a gorgeous, green or pink shimmer. It just looks so pretty, especially in this combo.

Secondly I paired it over Models Own Matt Black and that's where this polish burst into life. It's incredibly vibrant, and kind of reminds me of a shimmery beetle (lovely image!).

Have you tried The Wyndham before? Which is your favourite combo?

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  1. I didn't think it looked too great, but it's stunning over black!
    Chloe - Very Lovely Stuff

  2. Wow, can't believe how different it looks over the two colours! Love it over black.
    Yasmin xx

  3. Oh I love how it looks on black x

  4. very nice photos. :) I like simple nails

  5. I love how it looks on the black nails :) gorgeous colours xx

  6. Oh wow, I like how it changes depending on what nail polish you pair ir with :) Love the look of this! xx

  7. Ooh! I'll have to get me some of this! x