Pinafore: Miss Selfridge. Top: Motel. Nails: Nails Inc Cadogan Place.

So glad that pinafores and dungarees have come back in fashion, they were always my favourite as a little girl. I used to have a pair of dungarees which I pretty much lived in at 5 or 6, and it had a huge front pocket at the top which I used to keep my hamster in. Boor bugger probably had a few bumpy rides, he never left my side (or front!) if I was at home.

I bought this gorgeous pinny about a month ago from Miss Selfridge. Originally I just bought it as a summer dress, but it looks a lot nicer with a white tee underneath. I really love the colours and knit, makes the dress look and feel so special. The only thing I dislike is the way this dress sticks out at the front, but I'm sure I'll get over that. Next time I wear it, I'll add pigtails and a choker a la 90s girl.. ;)

What do you think about pinafores and dungarees? Will you be sporting them this year?

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  1. Ah this has to be one of my favourite outfits of yours! It's so simple yet so lovely! Love the colours in the pinafore!

  2. Loving the pinafore :)

  3. I love pinafores and dungarees, but i'm still looking for my perfect pair! your dress looks adorable though x

  4. I really like the pinafore and dungarees trend, your pinafore is so cute and I love how it looks with the white tee underneath


  5. This is such a cute dress -- and I love your nail polish x

  6. That pinafore is lovely. I love that dungarees are back, I had a couple of pairs I practically lived in in college and everyone thought I was a bit odd, but I have always loved them!