Trialling The Babyliss Conical Wand 25-13mm


Babyliss Conical Wand 25-13mm*

The Babyliss Conical Wand is a curling wand with 25 different heat settings, and a smooth tapered barrel. It comes with a heat matt, and two three finger heat gloves to cater for both lefties and righties. It's at the bargain price of £24, which is incredibly cheap compared to the much raved about Enrapture Totem Styler. I'm already a fan of Babyliss, I use the Babyliss Big Hair tool to dry my hair every time, so I was hoping this tool would live up to my expectations.


Curled using heat setting 7.
Combed Out.
As mentioned there are 25 different heat settings for the wand, each represents a different hair type, eg. coloured/damaged, thin, afro. I used the heat setting 7, which is in the thin hair category (6 to 10). I clipped my hair into two parts, and started curling the underneath first, wrapping around the curlers for 5 to 10 seconds (I didn't want this to happen..). I chose not to use the finger guards, as I found it hard to grab sections of my hair with them on, but I didn't burn myself so it's all good! I'm really happy with both the curled, and the combed out looks, and I'm glad that it suited my shorter hair! I'm thinking of having my hair curled like the first image for Graduation, but the combed out look is definitely something I'll be rocking regularly, it's very much beach hair in my opinion.

I'm super happy with the conical wand, and I'd highly recommend it for the price! You can pick the wand up from Beauty Expert who offer free delivery.

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  1. I'm obsessed with my conical wand the curls last forever. Your hair looks really nice and softly done! xx

  2. Your hair looks gorgeous!

  3. It creates some lovely waves in your hair, I love the brushed out look, looks very natural and beautiful! | GLASSES GIVEAWAY! xxx

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  5. That looks really nice! I have the wider one of these because I have longer hair and wanted relaxed waves and I love it! Great buy for less than £25 x