The Not So Secret Life Behind The Blogger


I didn't plan on blogging today, as I'm currently swamped with university work and I didn't want to concoct a half baked post that my heart just wasn't in. Seriously, why did I decide to leave my dissertation and business module until now? But then I decided to show you a little bit of what I do outside of the blogging world. I know a lot of people don't really see my work, even though that's why I originally started my blog a couple of years ago, but nowadays I kind of keep this on the down low. It's not the hugest secret in the world though, it is in my bio over on the right!

I thought I'd share a few projects, the majority I created last year, apart from the Glasgow Zoo work which I made in my second year of uni, can't believe I'm now finishing in a few months, time has really flown! My works on behance, and there's going to be a project published in the next few months that I'm super excited about, but for now I have to keep it a secret (Which is really hard)! I've linked the projects above underneath the photos, you can see more photos and read a bit about them on their own project pages.

Do you have a secret life behind blogging? Is this something you want to see more of?

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  1. I love to see the other things which bloggers get up to, I know it's not reasonable to assume that everyone just blogs and has a life full of new clothes and cupcakes. That said, I know I don't share all that much of my "life behind the blog" so does it make me a little hypocritical to want to see more of others'?

  2. Love your graphics work :) I used to do it for my A levels and have moved over to photography now :)

    Lindsay Frances | UK Beauty & Fashion


  3. I'm at the same stage as you right now, thinking why have I left my dissertation so long when I couldve had worked on it at a leisurely pace all year! Owh :(