Marc Jacobs Watch Wishlist


1, 2, 3.

Marc Jacobs is, and probably always will be one of my favourite premium brands. I know there's a huge hype in the blogosphere around Michael Kors watches, and I feel like these Marc Jacobs Watches get overlooked. They're just as beautiful, if not more in my opinion!

I'm hugely in love with the watch on the left, and I think that's my favourite out of the three. I really love the cut out detail on the 'Marc by Marc Jacobs', I think it's different to most over watches I've seen. I'm also a huge fan on the bright pink face and strap, I just think this makes it perfect for the neon trend this year, and I can really imagine it worn with a monochrome outfit, with the flash of pink! If pinks not really your colour, then you can also get it in a bright royal blue, which happens to be the colour of my school on my robes when I graduate this July (fingers crossed), so I think this would be a lovely gift to myself! The only thing I worry about with this watch, is that it could easily fall out of trend, although pink is always going to keep coming back into fashion, so if it did become unfashionable next year then I'm sure 2015 would bring it back!

The middle watch is really beautiful and a little understated compared to the other two. I think the white face stands out nicely, and the crystal markers are really pretty. However I think if I were to cough up the money for one I'd rather pay an extra £75 and get the last watch. 

It's undeniable how pretty this last watch is. Granted, it is quite expensive, however it is a premium brand, and I know if I owned it I'd look after it like was my little rose gold baby! Again it has the beautiful crystal detailing to the face, although they're a little more subtle. I'm in love the the three smaller dials on the face too. Everything about this watch just screams 'buy me' to me. It's also available in gold too, but I personally prefer the rose gold version.

All the above watches are available from John Lewis, along with lots of other beautiful Marc Jacobs watches, but these were my favourites!

What do you think of Marc Jacobs watches? Which is your favourite from the ones above?

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  1. Oh, I love the pink one! Want them so badly!)

  2. Love the pink one haven't seen anything quite like it before :)

  3. The pink watch is so cute!:)

  4. I'm "hugely in love with the watch on the left" too. Haven't seen a pink band yet. It's lovely.
    Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Fashion

  5. I love the number 2 watch - I'm totally in love with Marc Jacob and Michael Kors watches, they're both my favourite brands. I probably kept looking at you weirdly yesterday - I thought I recognised you from somewhere, but I was far too shy to say hello :) Hope you enjoyed the event.


  6. Oh god they're all so beautiful. Think I like no.2 best xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  7. Really want number 1

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