A Little Bird Told Me..


I was planning on featuring this brooch in an outfit post, however when it arrived I couldn't justify not giving this little beauty a post all of it's own! I'm sure it will be popping up in lots of outfit posts in the future anyway!

I was lucky enough to be able to choose an item from the Etsy store, Hexagon, who specialise in handmade eco-friendly brooches and washi tape. The brooches are made from sustainably harvested wood, and packaged in 100% post consumer recycled materials. Also 10% of all profits are donated to Trees For The Future! The brooches feel really well made, and have a twist lock on the back of the pin to stop it coming undone and stabbing you.

I decided to choose this brooch, as I think it's a perfect way to don the monochrome trend this year, and of course, it's just pretty, I love birds! Because it's black and white, this brooch would easily fit into most outfits, mine's going to be making a permanent home out of my black casual blazer. There's lots of other designs and patterns available too, such as diamonds, hearts, beavers and more! My other favourite brooches from the collection would be this, this and this.

What do you think of my new brooch? What's your favourite from the Etsy shop?

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  1. That's so sweet, love the pattern!

    Julia x

  2. Pretty design on the brooch, as you say it's perfect for the current monochrome thing!

  3. Love, love that! So pretty.

    Allie xo

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  4. Cute Cute Cute! such a great cause :)

  5. Beautiful brooch!

    Emma x

  6. I love that brooch, bookmarked the shop too :)

    Amy x cocktailsinteacups.com

  7. That is such a cute brooch! I would wear it with everything =D