Repurchase List #1


I've decided to make a new feature on my blog; the repurchase list. It's my take on the empties features that I just love to read on other blogs, but I'll just be focusing on what I think is the cream of the crop. I very much doubt this will be a monthly feature as I just don't get through products very quickly, but I'll post whenever I have two or three empties that I think deserve a mention.

First up is the Lee Stafford Hair Growth shampoo which I've been using as my daily shampoo for the past 4 months. It's priced at £6.99 for a bottle, and I know a lot of people have reservations over the price, but at less than £2 per month I'd say its well worth a buy! It's also on offer a lot on boots. I actually took a punt and bought two bottles to start with so I won't be repurchasing straight away but I will once that's used up! To see my hair growth progress using this shampoo click here.

The second product on my list is Batiste Graffiti, I wouldn't say this is my favourite of all the batistes as I do love the brunette version, however I would repurchase this just for the scent. Read my review on Batiste Graffiti here.

I cheated and actually bought the Sanctuary Fresh Faced Purifying Wash on payday, but it definitely deserves a mention as I've just finished my first bottle. I've been very precious with this travel size bottle as I didn't want to use it all up, but it's now going to be my daily cleanser. There's a review to follow on this product so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Do you have any products that you just have to repurchase? Have you tried any of the production my list?

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  1. I love Lee Stafford products :) I have the Breaking Hair shampoo and condition and love how they make my hair feel! xx

  2. I love all the Lee Stafford products I've tried, I think I've repurchased the heat protection spray every couple months since I was 16! Batiste is always a must, too. xo

  3. Just read the review of the batiste and the smell sounds great x

  4. I really want to try the sanctuary skin care I've heard great things about it :)
    Love Holly x

  5. This is a lovely idea :) I really want to try the Lee Stafford hair growth shampoo!

    Georgia x | Twitter | facebook

  6. I dont know how I have ever survived without dry shampoo xx

  7. I like the products, amazing shampoo
    Kisses from Spain

  8. Ooh tempted by the Lee Stafford shampoo x