Lee Stafford Hair Growth Shampoo Test Part 4


First images are before. Second images are one month after.

There was a delay on getting this post online due to mac problems, however I took these photos at the late end of last week so the second of each photo is still a months growth. Funnily enough I really didn't think that my hair had made any progress this month, but it's seemed to grow quite significantly! Bit disappointed to see the state of my ends in the last photo though because it looks like most of this months growth needs to be cut off, le sigh!

I've finally finished the first bottle that I bought of this shampoo, so I'm really impressed with the value for money. You can catch up with the rest from this series here.

Is anyone else trying any of the Lee Stafford Growth range?

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  1. Wow, I remeber your last post about this shampoo, your hair has grown so much!

    - Keyta

  2. It has grown a full line! that is a lot - but could it be the product that is drying your ends?

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    1. I think it's actually because I finished using the split end serum which I used everyday. I need to repurchase that!

  3. Hmmm I really didn't think this would work, but your hair is definitely longer x

  4. Wowwww, your progress is amazing!
    Can't believe how much your hair has grown :)

    Kerys -ox
    Little Bo Blab

  5. Looks good! I'm currently growing my hair for Prom, so this will be perfect!Xx


  6. wow, so it actually works! I'm amazed.. looks good

    UK High Street Fashion & Style

  7. I wonder how much is extra growth because of the shampoo and what is just normal growth?

    Hair should be growing 1.25cm (0.5 inch) a month, do you feel like it is growing faster than that? And with the extra growth rate is the hair growing in the same quality as before or better/worse?

    Sorry, many questions.

    1. My hair doesn't much at all without using this, so I'd say it's growing faster.
      I've been using this for 4 months without having my hair cut properly so I'd say it's the same quality.

  8. I used the conditioner in this range and while it felt like it was making a difference, I think I was just tricked and my hair was growing normally

  9. Can't believe the amount of growth! I've been using the hair mask treatment version of this and my hair does grow quicker when I use it- especially when I use it with nearly every wash. Worth the pennies for sure :)

    Katie xx

  10. I've been seeing quite a lot about this recently, it looks like it's worked really well for you :) I debated growing my hair again and was gonna try this but I think I'm gonna stick with my bob for a bit longer! I've heard this is really good for just improving the general condition of your hair though so I might still try it :)
    Love Holly x

  11. It's really grown! Your hair looks amazing :) I'm pairing the shampoo and conditioner from this range with Lee Stafford's arganoil mask and it's awesome, I love it!

  12. Wow your hair has definitely grown! Keep it up! :)

    Marie x

  13. This is insane :O wow?! That's so incredible... for such a good price too, and it smells amazing :) xx

    Gem ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie