Tweezerman Petite Tweeze Set


Tweezerman Petite Tweeze Set with Lavender Case

I've been a Tweezerman convert since buying my first pair back in August. I agree that they are pricey, but I'm positive they're worth every penny! I was very lucky to receive this Tweezerman petite tweeze set from Beauty Stop Online, who stock a huge range of Tweezerman along with tonnes of other beauty items at really discounted prices!

The set comprises of two pairs of tweezers in point and slant, and a leather pouch to keep them safe. Although they're mini in size, the end of the tool is actually the same size as the full size Tweezerman tweezers. I find the slant tweezers really easy to use, and to date they've never let me down so I know I'm going to love this mini version! I think I need a bit of practice with the point tweezers as they are a bit harder to use than the usual tweezers, but they're amazing at getting out hairs that are only just peeking out of the surface of your eyebrow.

I'm really happy with this set, and I know that these will be the first thing I grab for a weekend away! I was also really happy with Beauty Stop Online, who shipped my order super fast, thank you BSO!

Do you love Tweezerman as much as me? What do you think of this set?

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  1. Oh wow, you're so lucky to have received these, they look amazing! I had a pair of tweezermans a while back but I've got no idea what happened to them, must get some more! xo

    I have a MAC Giveaway going on right now, check it out if you like and haven’t already! xo

  2. i adore tweezerman tweezers! totally worth the money, this set looks lovely, i have the mini purple ones :) going to check out beauty stop online :)

  3. Tweezerman tweezers are seriously amazing! I lost my old pair a couple of months ago, gutted :( need to buy a new set - I love the pretty patterned ones they do :)

    Sarah @ xx

  4. Love Tweezerman, it's always great to invest in a good set of tweezers and pay attention to creating beautiful shaped brows!

    Eda x