The Body Shop Nutriganics Refreshing Toner


I've never really used a toner before, but it's something I've always been interested in. After a quick read up I found that if you have dry skin then you should use a toner that is a "refreshing toner", so I bought this from The Body Shop. It's £3 for a 60ml bottle, however you can only buy the 200ml version online which is priced at £8.

I can't compare this to other toners, but I'll explain my experience with the product. The toner itself is quite thick, a bit like a runny gel, and you apply it to your face after cleansing using a cotton pad or something similar. I use red towels to pat my face dry, and every time I've used this toner I've found it picks up teeny tiny bits of towel fibers from my face which I didn't know were on there! I'm not sure if I've noticed any other difference with regards to pores or anything, but it has made my face feel softer at night. 

I don't think I'll be buying this again as I haven't had any miracle effects, but to be honest, I think this bottle will last me a good month or two, so it's value for money!

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  1. I always use Nivea´s toner and it´s pretty good for my oily skin :)

  2. i always find toners hard to find, i'm currently using liz earle's one which really brightens up the skin! interesting that this one removes towel fibres, would have never thought about something like that being on my face after cleansing!

  3. That sounds like an interesting product. I never use a toner but I might start using one soon!

    Jackie @

  4. Ive never really bothered with toner either (other than cold water) but this sounds nice and its bargain at £3! x