Mini Moschino Jackets


I was browsing through Whites Boutique, and came across these adorable Moschino Jackets that are just too adorable not to share! They're definitely out of my full time student budget, but one can dream. Although saying that, I think I might treat myself to something extravagant if and when I graduate this year!

What do you think of these jackets? I definitely think they're not to everyones taste, and in all honesty, it's not something I'd usually pick at all, but for some reason I'm completely in love! I'd say my favourite has to be the grey jacket on the end as the bows are so cute and I just love the black edging too. The black jacket would definitely be a close second though. I think the grey and black jacket would look perfect teamed with a structured LBD for work wear in the spring, something that's not too short for work though!

Which is your favourite of the three? How would you style them?

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  1. These are gorgeous! The grey one is definitely my favourite too :) xo

  2. Not to my taste buy if I had to pick one I'd definitely go for the grey one like you said! Xxx

  3. Oh that one with the bows, so pretty!


  4. great blog ! Would you like to follow each other ?