Jean Queen - Lipstick Queen Review & Outfit Post


I've recently started wearing jeans, yes jeans! The girl who's spent many winters still holding on to her summer wardrobe is now wearing jeans, and not only do I have one pair, but three pairs! 1 regular denim, 1 purple and 1 light blue pair.

Just in time for my jean wearing phase, I've discovered Lipstick Queen; Denim Queen. Lipstick Queen is an amazing lip brand that plays around with texture, shade and finish all created by Poppy who's been creating lip products since she was 18 in 1992! Denim Queen has been created to be the perfect parter to jeans in all cuts and shades, and it's available in lipstick and gloss. I have the lipstick and it's a gorgeous pinky red shade that applies as a sheer shimmer, it's almost like a lip gloss, just better! It's the type of lipstick that gives you a "my lips but better look", and really would suit anyone! I've never tried a lipstick of this formula before, but I think I could be a convert, I'm quite a fan of it's sheer look plus it's got a really good wear time too. You can pick Lipstick Queen up from Beauty Expert who have free delivery!

Seeing as though it's created for jeans, I decided to turn this post into a double whammy, and add a jean outfit to show you how I wear it!

Top: Dorothy Perkins. Jeans: Asos. Necklace: Asos. Rose Gold Skull: Asos. Black Skull: Asos.

I definitely didn't realise that my outfit is almost all from Asos - oops! Unfortunately my necklace appears to be sold out online, but there's a cut out version available here which is pretty cute too! I've been wearing this sort of outfit for popping into town for some lunch or a little spot of shopping on the weekend, as I haven't quite introduced jeans into my uni wardrobe yet!

How do you style jeans? Is Jean Queen something that you'd pick up?

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  1. Looks lovely!!! :-) I was never one to wear jeans untill I was pregnant now I live in them! Topshop leigh jeans are the best!!!!!! xoxo

  2. I have a Lipstick Queen lipstick in Fly :) It's so pretty! I literally live in jeans, my favourite ones are Topshop because they're so comfy! xx

  3. This looks lovely on you! I've never had a Lipstick Queen necklace before, it looks fab. Your outfit looks gorgeous, ASOS jeans are so pretty! xx

    Violence & Fashion

  4. I usually wear a chunky knit jumper with my jeans for casual / daytime wear or a peplum top and boots if I'm going out! Love your triangle necklace :) xo

  5. The lipstick is so cool (:
    I'm following you, and thanks for the comment on my blog!

  6. Love your little skull bracelets and the colour of your peplum top is lovely!! X

  7. very pretty lipstick and I like your necklace:)
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

  8. That jewelry is amazing. Love the bunting-style necklace.

    <3 Sandy Warhol

  9. I love the colour of that top. I can't believe you never wear jeans, I live in them!

  10. I've never heard of this brand before, I'll have to take a peek! I wear jeans all the time, not necessarily the comfiest things but I love the way they look!

  11. I really enjoyed this post, I've never heard of this brand, so it's great to find something new :D I too never wear jeans (well you do now lol) I don't own a single pair and haven't for about 5 years lol xx