It's Welly Weather Again


I've been feeling pretty smug, thinking that I've made it through the worst of the weather without suitable footwear. I literally took a pair of low suede chelsea boots, and a pair of wedge ankle boots home for Christmas. I celebrated this fact a bit too soon, and now the awful weathers back and I can't avoid leaving the house as I have uni, work and food shopping to do. I mean, it's already been heavily snowing twice so far this week, and then there's the rain on top!

I think it's time I look for a pair of wellies, but I want to find something prettier than the standard farmer green welly. I've had my eye on Hunter wellies for a while, after seeing so many bloggers and other fashionable ladies wearing them, but in all honesty I know I wouldn't wear them enough to justify the price tag, although you would come back to them year after year. I stumbled across some lovely Joules wellies that have pretty much stolen my heart, the dog print ones in particular. They're cutesy without being tacky, and I'm a huge dog lover, and fan of Joules so I feel like they're made for me! Plus they're under £40 so a great alternative to the fashionable Hunter wellies. All of the above wellies were found on the Houghton Country website, which sells far too many cute Joules things for my liking - byebye bank balance!

What do you think of the wellies I've chosen? Would you wear wellies to work/university if the weathers not so nice?

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  1. I would wear wellies to work, but i'd change out of them again when I got out of the wet weather... wellies are quite uncomfortable to wear.


  2. I really need to get a pair of wellies my boots just wont cut this weather my socks keep getting soaked. I really want a pair of hunter wellies.

  3. I'd love a pair of nice wellies!

    Helen X

  4. I always leave wellies till the last minute and go "oh I won't wear them much anyway" but then the year after I need them again and this cycle continues... Currently surviving with dr. martens even though I really want a pair of hunters. uhhhh. xx