Sweet Treats: Dark Chocolate Mint M&Ms


Last month I told you all about the joys of Dark Chocolate Raspberry M&Ms, I was then informed be some of you lovely readers about the amazing Dark Chocolate Mint M&Ms. I decided to give them a go and got some from Cybercandy, I'm definitely glad I did they're extremely tasty! They're bigger than the average m&ms, just like the raspberry ones, and they come in a range of bright green candy shells. Inside there's amazing mint dark chocolate that's tastier than any other mint chocolate I've tried before!

They're priced at £1.55 which is a lot more than m&ms that you can buy in your corner shop, but they're the tastiest chocolates in the world which you can't buy here, and they're a lot cheaper than a plane ticket to America!

Have you tried these before? Have you tried any amazing American sweets that you think I should try?

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  1. They sound amazing! I've tried the American white chocolate peanut butter, I know it's not sweets but its bloody lovely!

  2. yes i actually tried those! at the m&m store, in times square in nyc. they we're so good! :) i wish they would sell bag like that where i live! :( hah!


  3. These sound amazing :) I have a bag of coconut ones and pretzel ones to try out xxx

  4. You can get these over here! :D go into 'Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shop' (they're are quite a few all over the country) and they do alllll sorts of American sweets, these included! :D xx

  5. You need to try the peanut butter and the pretzel ones! I got a taste for them in NYC, and we've actually got a sweet shop in my town that's started selling American candy so I'm so excited!

    1. I tried the peanut butter ones, they were yummy! I must try the pretzel ones!