Super Easy & Cheap DIY Decorations


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As I've already mentioned a couple of ways of saving money gift wise this Christmas, I thought I'd take a new spin on it and instead bring together some super easy DIY decorations that won't break the bank! After all, when it's cold outside there's nothing better than staying in, drinking a hot chocolate and spending some quality time with your loved ones getting crafty and creative.

The easiest of all decorations is one I made myself. All you need is empty ramekins (I used old Gu pots so mine were basically free!), tea lights, and a bag of coffee beans, and then it's as simple as filling the ramekins with the beans, and popping your candles in the top.

Ta daaa! What do you think? I really like the finished look, plus they make your room smell lovely too! You could even get some cellophane and wrap these up nicely as Christmas presents in a hamper. Some other ideas for cheap decorations that I've found online are Christmas toilet tube flowers, Pinecone Christmas trees, and dip dye glitter baubles.

Will you be trying any of these easy peasey cheap decorations? Do you have any of your own ideas?

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  1. I love this idea

  2. Oh I really like the idea. I've been wanting to try out some more DIY projects during the winter holidays, I'll definitely think about trying out this one! xx

    Almost Delightful

  3. Love these! So simple but very effective :)
    I do love a good diy. I really want to make a pom pom wreathe but it's finding the time! I really like this idea too, and have some cinnamon sticks so might try it! xx

  4. Very cute. I'd like to put some pretty beans in to make it sparkles. Great post.

  5. Such a good idea. Thanks for this! :)