Potential Graduation Shoes?


I'm not a heels girl at all, I love them, but I'm just awful at wearing them. I'm the sort of girl that always goes out on a night out in flats, or if I do muster up the strength to don a pair of heels then I'll have a pair of flats in my bag ready to appear within the hour!

That said, I really want to wear heels for Graduation, so I'm hoping to partly train myself to be a better heel wearer in the next 6 months. I got these beautiful hidden platform heels from the Barratts new arrivals section where there's so many beautiful pairs, however I thought I should choose something timeless and classy enough to potentially wear for Graduation. I actually find these shoes quite easy to walk in and they're really padded on the bottom so they should be comfy for a long day in heels! Plus because of the concealed platform they're not actually as high as they look which is a bonus for me. I love how simple they are, perfect for pretty much any occasion and a staple for every girls wardrobe. I can envisage having these in my collection for a very long time!

I did actually want to feature these in an outfit post (I will do in the future though!), however you may have noticed I'm not in my usual location, and I have to find somewhere suitable first. I'm considering somewhere outdoors if I can pluck up the courage! Do you prefer indoor or outdoor outfit photos?

What do you think of them? Are you good with heels?

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  1. I love wearing heels. These are gorgeous! Get pratacing cos these are so pretty!! x

  2. I too keep flats on my bag though i test my patience for like 5-6 hrs then i change. :) maybe you can train that way?! Love a classic pair, they are perfect from jeans to dresses! xx


  3. Those shoes are lovely, I decided to wear small ish heels for my graduation as I was worried about tripping up when you collect your scroll!

    1. Yes, this is my fear! There's a chance it could be Patrick Stewart who hands over my scroll because he's our Chancellor but doesn't attend all ceremonies, that would be so cringey!

  4. I like wearing heels but my feet ache after 15 minutes of wearing them! These heels look so classic that you'd definitely find use for them after graduation :)


  5. I'm absoutely rubbish with heels! These heels look absolutely lovely, and so versatile. A great choice for graduation! :)

  6. YES! Definately babe. You are very brave going in high heels, I'd fall flat on my face, queue awkward photos haha. But I definately think they are lovely :) You just want simple and smart shoes that are timeless and wont date in pictures :)


  7. ahhh I love a sneaky concealed platform! definately my kind of shoe as i'm not great with heels either!
    They are lovely though, very classy looking!


  8. Oh my those heels are fierce I loves them! They'd deffo be perfect for graduation :) I prefer indoor photos personally :)
    Love Holly x

  9. They look SO chic! The perfect "little black shoes" haha ;)

  10. I love these heels but I can't walk in heels at all am useless