Next Home Haul


You know how I've mentioned before that I started buying my Christmas presents back in August/September? Well that's nothing, over the past few months I've been making wishlists and making the odd purchase for my house. The house that we haven't found yet, and probably won't even start our hunt for until late 2013/early 2014..
I love buying ahead, I don't know why, to be honest I'm surprised I haven't bought anything for my wedding yet (I do however have an ever growing Pinterest board). Since I had a voucher for Next I thought I'd indulge my homeware cravings with some beautiful things. My mum's pretty much used Next to decorate her whole house, and I love the things she's picked up! 
After about half an hour wandering round squeezing and cuddling various cushions, I decided on these giant faux fur cushions. They're neutral so they'll go with most things, (although we already have our colour schemes / sofa choices already thought out!), but more importantly, they're perfect for using now to make the flat more Christmassy! Due to the fact that our flat is pretty small we have to be a bit inventive with Christmas Decorations, there's no room for a tree or anything like that. I love the fact that these cushions can be used for years because they could easily be used in your living room, conservatory, bedroom etc., also I don't think you need to worry about matching them as they're quite a statement!
I also picked up a gorgeous glittery knitted stag, who coordinates lovely with the cushions. This is my favourite type of Christmas decoration, and there's so many more cute ones, I think I'm going to have to go back and pick up this little birdy. We've named him Reginald the Reindeer, and he can sit/stand in loads of different positions, because he has bendy wire in his limbs.
I'm hoping to post quite a few more home posts, because it's something I'm really interested in. I'm already planning a mini haul with some bits I've ordered recently, along with a few things I'm considering ordering from my Amazon wishlist.
Is this something you'd like to see more of? Are you a fan on Next's homeware too?

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  1. Nothing better than being prepared :)!I love fur cushions! I've never bought Next homeware but I expect I will when I get my own place :)

    Robyn Mayday

  2. Those are so adorable,would ove to see more:)

  3. I love Next's homeware department and right now I'm in the middle of decorating my room and wish I could buy everything I love from there! Love the little reindeer :)

  4. I love these bits am so obsessed with homewares atm
    I love the knitted stag

  5. I love next homeware they do the cutest cushions and kitchen bits! Love the little reindeer xo

  6. Oh wow I love the cushions! xo

  7. The homeware from Next is gooorgeous. I love that stag - so cute - but am even more in love with the robin! It's so sweet! I'm still living with my parents but have started up a 'bottom drawer' for when I eventually have enough money to be able to move out. At the moment there's just egg cups and mugs and baking stuff but it's a start! :) xx

  8. I love this cushion they look so soft and comfy) and Reginald the Reindeer is absolutely adorable)

  9. Really cute and so softy cushions love to have it as soon as possible,i was planning for Homeware shopping to get something unique,now i have your this idea.Thanks for sharing.