Fake Bake Luxurious Golden Bronze Liquid


Fake Bake Luxurious Golden Bronze
Fake Bake is a tanning product I've wanted to try for a while, but the price has put me off a bit, after all you don't want to use something if it turns you orange no matter how much it cost! Fortunately, I can confirm that Fake Bake does not look orange at all, instead it's a green based tan similar to Xen Tan which gives you a lovely olive tan and looks super natural.

Luxurious Golden Bronze is a spray liquid tan, that works in just 60 minutes, however you can leave it on for up to 3 hours for a more developed tan. I did want to show you my before and afters, however because I went for the 3 hour option the lighting in the flat changed and made me look paler after.. silly winter nights! I wouldn't say this is the darkest tan I've ever used, but it wasn't the lightest either. I'd say one application is enough for day wear, however if you were going out, I'd recommend two applications, one on the day, and one the day before. Fake Bake recommend spraying the tan onto the mitt and then rubbing in, in a circular motion, this gave me a very even tan apart from the section I missed at the top of my leg, oops! I think next time I'd try spraying straight onto my skin as the guide colour is quite light if you don't spray much, so it's a bit difficult to see where you have and haven't applied.

The packaging is super pretty, probably the nicest I have on my shelf, and the tan itself smells super yummy, like battenburg but a bit fruity too! Overall I'm pretty impressed with Fake Bake, and I'll definitely look to try different products after this bottle is finished, I can hear the instant mousse calling my name! I think the quality lives up to the price, and as it's the same price as Xen Tan it isn't overpriced at all for a premium tan. You can shop Fake Bake at Littlewoods, they have a huge range!

Have you tried any Fake Bake products before? Would you buy this?

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  1. How much is it? I really want to try fake tan... I'm not normally the sort of person to wear that kind of thing so I want it to look as natural as possible. (surprisingly some people actually want the orange look haha) xx


    1. This one is £33 from Littlewood, but there's a huge range so some are cheaper/more expensive! There's a link at the top under the photo. x

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  3. I have been curious about Fake Bake too, now I really want to give this a try! I think you did a nice job explaining your results without actual pictures, unlike a few bloggers!

  4. Everything is OK.
    I like the reviews for the product. But I just want to know one thing that does it washes away in rain.
    I am asking this because of horrible experience that I had last time. My fake tan color just washed off in a party due to rain.
    Fake Tan for Men in UK