Boux Avenue Buys


It's the first day of December, so it's only right to have a Christmas related post! I thought I'd share with you some little indulgent pieces I ordered from Boux Avenue, which I thought would be perfect for Winter!

I know a nightshirt probably isn't the best winter purchase when you could get full fleecey pjs instead, but seeing as though I live in dresses 95% of my life, it just seems natural to me! I've always wanted a nightshirt, but never owned one before. I don't know why, I think I've definitely been missing out, they're just so comfy! This little number is a very reasonable £26, and the quality feels amazing. It's very oversized, and extremely comfy too, plus how Christmassy are the colours?!

I also picked up some Christmas candle holders, one snowflake and one reindeer. These were only £5 each, which I think is a bargain seeing as though you can use them every year! I've already enjoyed a few cosy nights in with these lit, my new nightshirt, a throw and a nice film, and I'm envisaging lots more to come.

This is the first time I've ever ordered online from Boux Avenue, and it was super easy to use, and the updates on my order were really nice too. How cute is this on the invoice "Thank you for shopping at Here's a digital record of all your lovely purchases.". Oh and you can also get free gift wrapping too, so they're the perfect option for Christmas shopping! It's the little touches like this that would definitely persuade me to shop with them again!

Have you bought anything from Boux Avenue before? How are you celebrating the beginning of December?

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  1. Aw I love the reindeer candle. So cute. x

  2. Gorgeous purchases! I love the colours of the nightshirt and the candle holders are so sweet. I might have to have a browse! x

  3. lovely purchases! love the box & packaging :)

  4. I love the nightshirt print, I want the PJs x

  5. those candle holders are so sweet! just discovered your lovely blog through the comment you left me thankyou! :) Now following!

  6. The candle holders are adorable. So Christmasy.
    Lovely blog.
    Follow :)

  7. I love the tartan nightshirt,
    I need to invest in one of these myself :)

  8. The candle holders you purchased look like the Diptyqe holiday collection!

    xx Ellie 
    deborah lippmann giveaway!

  9. thank you for the lovley comment on my blog- wow amazing buys
    Ive always been tempted to buy from Boux but never go round to it. Now ive seen this post i really want to. I really want that nightshirt- all ive asked my boyfriend to get me for christmas is a nice nightie

  10. i didn't know it yet! looks nice. :) i love everything that has to do with december/christmas makes me feel happy =D

    x robin

  11. that shirt is really pretty and I always love some candles. :)

  12. wow, this checked nightshirt is just perect! you can never have enough tartan print :)

    you have an awesome blog!

    Asya, xx

  13. So lovely, I love the festive wrapping and the candle holders (/shot glasses?). But the lace pattern on the paper is the most beautiful, I wonder how hard it would be to DIY it?

  14. thanks for the comment! I really like your blog, now following :) that night shirt does look verrry comfy.
    Rebecca @

  15. The wrapping is so cute!
    And i absolutely love the checkered shirt
    s xx

  16. Great buys, I love the shirt :) Lovely blog btw, now following :) x

  17. We don't have this store here but I've heard about it on UK blogs and for some reasons I thought it was a lingerie store?!

    1. It is a lingerie store :) it also sells nightwear and some beauty and gifts too :) x

  18. absolutely love that flannel nightshirt!!! so cute!
    i want it

  19. Fab blog.

    Not bought anything from here yet but wanting to. Is their underwear as good as La Senza ?

  20. Wow.. The nightshirt is gorgeous!

    I'd buy underwear from there but because shops are never the same in size, I wouldnt want to spend all that money to send it back. Ive had disasters with online underwear shopping!

  21. Great website! And I love the nightshirt :-)

    Vanessa x

  22. Oh these are lovely, I love the little candle holders too cute x