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As Christmas is creeping up on us, and I've pretty much finished my Christmas shopping (apart from the animals of my family), I thought I'd start some Gift Idea posts to help everyone else. I've mentioned things before that you could get, here and here, but I'll make these into more of a series, and I'll add a tag on the side bar too. 

I love Ted Baker's accessories, and I know a lot of other people do too, so I've chosen some of my favourite things from Cruise, with a price range from £15 to £75, so there's something to fit everyones budget!

The pencil case is at the £15 item, and I'd say it's definitely worth the price. It's a lovely size, and a lovely starter piece for the TB range. This would make a lovely gift for students, arty types, or office girls.

Second, we have the washbag which is £22, again I think this is a good price for something from this range, and I'd be very happy to find it under my Christmas tree! This would make a lovely gift for girly girls, beauty addicts and jet setters!

How adorable is the tote bag? This one is the smallest version which is £25, but you can also get bigger versions up to £39. This reminds me of the Little Brown Bag from Bloomingdales. This would make a lovely gift for shopaholics and girly girls!

The ipad case is my favourite from the list, I've seen it in real life, and it's just beautiful. It's priced at £49, which is at the upper end of my scale, but everyones budgets are different! This would make a lovely gift for gadget girls, obviously ones with an ipad, but this year tablets are set to be the most bought gift!

Finally we have the classic Ted Baker purse. I love this! At £75 it's not for everyone, personally I'd prefer a few presents for that price, but some people prefer to have items worth more value. Either way, I'd be surprised if you could find any girl who wouldn't be happy waking up to this on Christmas morning!

What do you think of this blog post series? Do you like the Ted Baker range?

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  1. I have my eyes on the washbag and purse! I love TB items! :)

  2. Everything is so gorgeous, I love the colours and the bows. I think the wash bag is my favourite! xo

  3. These are gorgeous, I love the tote bag! x

  4. I used the tote bag to put my lunch in for work and it is perfect size :)

    Karys x

  5. Love Ted Baker especially the there Ipad cases :)

  6. I cannot thank you enough for this post - I've been looking for Christmas ideas for ages as my mum keeps pestering me as to what I want and that wash bag and tote bag are perfect! x

    1. Oooh exciting, you're welcome! :) x

  7. the washbag and purse look so lovely ! xx

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