Gift Ideas: Happy Socks


No matter how hard everyone tries, you can pretty much guarantee that one person in your house will wake up to new socks Christmas morning, it's almost a tradition. Happy Socks are such a great alternative to boring pairs of plain socks! At £8, they are a bit pricey, but they are a nice novelty gift (and seriously, how much do novelty gifts cost in general?!), and I've bought the boyfriend a few pairs of these and the quality is really good!

We ended up buying the boyfriends dad some for Christmas to accompany a nice bottle of whiskey and I think he'll love them. I love the idea of loads of people walking round in snazzy socks on Christmas day (is it just me this amuses?). There's loads of different designs available on Box Clothing, I think my favourite is the yellow spotty ones, they look like giraffes!

Would you buy these for Christmas? Which is your favourite design?

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  1. I love getting socks for Christmas! Especially pretty ones like these :) xo

  2. Hmmm, possibly, but they're still socks!!!

  3. Awwh I love these, even though they're novelty they'd look great with some cosy boots! :) xx

  4. I love Happy Socks*)We always buy matching pairs with my boyfriend)

  5. Hello,
    It didn't stop some citizens from celebrating today though, as shoppers hunted for gifts, despite the regime banning the sale of cards or heart shaped novelties, with florists being threatened with closure should they sell.