Fudge Salt Spray


Now that my hair is a bit longer, it's a nightmare, the slightest bit of humidity and it's super wavy at the bottom, but not in a good way, in a frizzy horrible way. I've tried loads of different products, but haven't found my holy saviour, the closest I got was Lee Stafford Climate Control, but I didn't like the amount I had to spray on, it's super plasticky!

After reading the product information about Fudge Salt Spray on Hairtrade (in case you didn't know, Hairtrade is one of the UK's leading online retailers of hair extensions hair care and beauty products) I decided to give it a go. It's said to add texture into your hair, and also has some hold like a hairspray. Originally I'd expect salt spray to be a summer product, so I'm glad I took the time to read up on it. So far I'm extremely happy with the results, I've been out to uni or shopping on a few super windy and misty wet days, and once I've got home it's still straight! Also it smells really tropical too, like coconut, mango and pineapple? I'll 100% be repurchasing this, probably sooner than I thought because the boyfriend has taken a like to using it too! 

Have you tried salt spray before? What would you recommend for my problem hair? 

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  1. i love salt sprays, i want the one by bumble & bumble.


  2. I thought salt sprays were supposed to put waves and texture into your hair...not keep it straight!

    1. I thought the same too! It does add texture, but for me it holds it like a hair spray :)

  3. looks good!


  4. I seem to get really frizzy-wavy ends at the moment, not sure why but every day I wish I could have sleek loose waves! Maybe I should try this, it sounds like it does the job!xx