She Said Beauty October


I can't believe that it's October already, this year is seriously flying by! It's always nice to start a new month with a new She Said Beauty box though! I'm starting to think that I love every other SSB box, and the in between ones don't thrill me, unfortunately this is one of the latter for me.

The B.Liv Off With Those Heads is a gel that is supposed to remove blackheads and whiteheads easily. It works by keeping excessive oil at bay, which I don't really have problems with, but I do get horrible blackheads, and so far I haven't noticed any difference, but I think it's something you have to use regularly to get a noticeable effect.

I actually really like the Amy Childs fragrance, it's very fruity, but with sweetie notes too. That said, I'm not a hugh fan of Celebrity Fragrances at all, and I'm definitely not a fan of Amy Childs, I can safely say I've never watched an episode of TOWIE (I hope that's the right one!). In general I prefer not to receive perfume samples in beauty boxes, I think they're something that get given away too easily anyway.

The Biao Night Créme is a lot thicker than I imagined, meaning that the first time I used it I put far too much on! The cream itself is actually nice once rubbed in, and left my skin feeling really soft, but I dislike the smell completely (it's a bit herbal or something)!

I've always loved Palmers, so I was very happy to find this in my box. It smells so yummy, and I could easily eat it up! Saying that, it's not a very expensive item, so it's something that most people probably already have, or at least tried before.

It was nice to get the vitamins in my box, because I've been really poorly recently. The ones I received were Essential Vitamin D3, and they're small oil capsules, like cod liver oil ones or something?

I haven't got round to trying the Cellnique masque yet, but it's nothing I'm super excited about, and it's an extremely small sample too. 

Did you receive this box? What did you think of it?

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  1. i received exactly the same box, and i really wasn't impressed, i think the total worth of the box might even be less than what i paid for it!

  2. I unsubbed and I'm glad I did, I wouldn't have been happy with this box :(


  3. I had my first SheSaid box this month and I was pretty excited about it but got the same as you and was severely underwhelmed, especially since I'd heard there was more of a chance of full-sized items. Definitely wasn't worth it this month, I may as well have gone crawling back to Glossybox!

  4. I received this box as well and I wasn't all that wowed by it myself :/ I seem to have the same problem, I bought a 6 month subscription which runs out in December I think - depending on the next few boxes I may or may not resubscribe! xx

  5. I don't receive the SSB box but I agree with you, this months box is nothing to be excited about really x

  6. I used to be subscribed to Glossy Box but I've never tried SSB before, the box looks so pretty! Xxxx

  7. Great post! I've only just signed up for glossy box x

  8. I really want to see how the B.Liv works in the end. I hate blackheads so much! And cocoa butter is one of my all time favourite products; the smell is amazing. I don't sub to any beauty boxes but to me it seems a weird thing to include?

    Sian x

  9. I also can't believe it's October already! This box in my opinion looks okay, their before boxes where much more better. xo

  10. TOWIE perfume... yikes.
    This doesn't look too bad, but perhaps not as good as past boxes.
    I adore Palmers. I swear I use a big bottle a month!

    The Lovelorn