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I feel like I've been living in a cave for the past god knows how many years. I've heard of John Frieda products before, but I've never really given them a go. Whenever I've seen them advertised I expected them to be salon priced, but they're actually pretty good value for money. I was kindly sent a few products to try, and I'm extremely happy with them, and would definitely consider repurchasing.

The products I received were, Brillant Brunette shampoo, Full Repair conditioner, and Brilliant Brunette perfecting glosser. In the past I've never really felt the benefit from using a brunette shampoo, but I really liked the way BB shampoo worked with my hair, it left my tones much brighter but overall it really deepened my colour. The shampoo is a really shiny pearlesque formula, which is beautiful to use, and smells gorgeous.

I've heard lots about Full Repair before, and this is the range that I could see myself repurchasing first. Again, the formula of the conditioner was extremely shiny, and once washed out, my hair felt a lot healthier, bouncier and brighter. 

I've saved the best until last, the perfecting glosser. I'm totally in love with this product. It's like a crystal gel, that smells amazing. As well as making your hair shiny and glossy, it also helps to seal split ends, and smooth flyaways. This product can be added to wet or dry hair, depending on how glossy you want your look to be, and is left in instead of being washed away. I will 100% look to repurchase this once the tube is empty.

I used the full range before going to the LBD party, so this is how my hair turned out after trying everything. Overall I'm extremely happy with the John Frieda range, and I can envisage myself using it for a long time. Oh and also, there's a JF youtube channel that has expert styling tips, like how to do fishtail braids and beehives, so go and give that a look, the videos are super helpful!

Have you ever tried John Frieda products before? Which is your favourite range?

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  1. Great review! I've tried John Frieda products before, their brunette range that comes in the silver packaging is really good! They have a leave in spray in a silver bottle with a blue cap, I forget what it's called, I love that so much! Doesn't weigh my hair down and smells lovely, I really recommend! Cute blog, followed you! xx

  2. I love the brilliant brunette range. Really makes my hair glossy and feeling great xo

  3. I've only ever tried the blonde range which was absolutely years ago when I was blonde! I'd love to try the full repair range. xo

  4. I always thought products like this wouldnt be any different to budget brands but these sound quite good!

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  5. I love love love the brilliant brunette range. Apart from the really expensive salon products nothing else comes close to this.
    Great review and really like your blog :) Following you now xoxo

  6. the full repair conditioner sounds amazing ! xx

  7. I've been meaning to try the Full Repair range for AGES, I only have the finishing/sealing serum (which is brilliant). I'll definitely be looking into the brunette perfecting glosser - sounds fab!