Indola Glamour Sparkling Ends


I've mentioned my love for Indola before, and this little lotion isn't an exception! Glamour Sparkling Ends is a leave in lotion to protect damaged ends from further breakage. Again, it has the same amazing fragrance as the Glamour Precious Oil, and as you add it to your ends just before drying, the smell does linger around. 

Does it work? As it's a preventative I can't actually say whether it works or not, but I think it does. I blowdry and straighten my hair most days so my hair does get damaged quickly, and I'm sure by now my hair would usually starting to look a bit unhealthy, but so far (touch wood) it's looking pretty healthy. Either way when this bottle runs out I'll be buying another bottle! I'd happily give this a 9.5/10!

Do you use any products to prevent breakage in your hair?

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