Glow In The Dark Roses


Glow in the Dark Roses - Interflora

This Halloween Interflora have treated us to the amazing invention of Glow in the Dark Roses. As soon as I heard about them I was ridiculously excited, and couldn't wait to see them for myself. During the day, the roses are a beautiful creamy white, and by night they transform into a spooky luminous green. I think the glow in the dark formula is fuelled by light, as I found that the longer they were left in a bright light, the brighter the glow would be in the dark. They were super hard to photograph in the dark, so the last two photos really don't do them justice!

The only downside to the product to me, is the lifespan. My roses were sent on Wednesday, and arrived Thursday evening, and the first three photos I took straight away. I think the glow in the dark formula really shortens the life of the roses, as today they really are looking a bit worse for wear (drooping and yellowing - I can't envisage them lasting until Monday unfortunately), and I think if you were to order them for a Halloween party or a gift then you should order them the day before to make sure they look their best!

What do you think of this spooky idea? Do you like quirky things or prefer them to just do their normal job?

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  1. these are interesting but don't think they are really for me tbh.

  2. This is brilliant! A bit shizz that they die so quickly but must look ace when you switch off the lights in your living room and watch a spooky movie with these beauties glowin on a side:)x

  3. Oh how interesting! They would be brilliant made into a headdress for a zombie bride look.
    I wonder how they do it and if it could be done at home....

    lets drive far away

  4. They're awesome! Shame about the life span though :(

    Maybe you could get fake roses and paint them yourself then they will last :)


  5. hmmmm... maybe I can fake the luminous light by applying some liquid glow in the dark on the flowers :P

    Following you now on GFC, hope you follow back :)

  6. They are soo cool! I would love to try to make them! :)x

  7. This is a cool idea. Such a good idea for Halloween

  8. such a strange concept ! xx

  9. Ha, I heard about these so 'cool'. Think I will have to send some to my Mum or sister for hallowen :)

  10. I literally just read about these in a magazine and thought they looked crazy! Good novelty idea for halloween and the rose looks nice and full (though they bruise so easily) x

  11. This is seriously the coolest idea ever. Perfect for Halloween!

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  12. These are incredible! I need them in my life.

    Love your blog. x