Coats For Country Girls


1, 2, 3, 4.

For me, the best accessory for A/W is a good coat. I know a coat is actually an item of clothing, rather than an actual accessory, but it's just how you use it! I was browsing joseph M, and these 4 coats just jumped out to me, they're all so pretty, and all by the brand Barbour.

When it comes to coats, a necessity for me is a hood, I just hate fighting with an umbrella, and when you finally do gain control of it you realise that although your hair is dry, it's an absolute mess from the wind. Saying that, number 3 doesn't have a hood, but I'm thinking that would make more of an Autumn jacket than an actual coat anyway.

I also like a coat that's a bit longer, in general I wear a dress every day of the year, and a long coat just helps to keep it dry and stops you from doing a Marilyn Monroe on a windy day! I really like darker coats too, I made the mistake of buying a cream coat to take with me to New York last year during January. The coat was brand new, and after 5 days of the horrible NY rain (seriously, you think England is bad, it's nothing in comparison!) and using the dirty subway, my coat was incredibly dirty, (and bobbly but that's a different story). After that, I vowed to never buy a light coat again!

I think my favourite coat would have to be 2 or 4. Both being ones that wouldn't look out of place at a festival or on a country walk back home. After all, you can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl! Which coat do you like the most? Have you already got your AW coat?

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  1. I only seem to have eyes for coats lately - there are so many lovely ones around!

  2. I'd be tempted to
    go for number 4!i love coats haha :) nothing worse than being cold in wet,rainy weather eeek x

  3. My mommy favorite coat is #1 and I bought a similar one last year! Coats are very important for outfits.

  4. hehe thanks for the tip, i'll rememeber that if i ever get the chance to visit new york. I love barbour jackets, theres a shop right next to my office and im contantly eying them up. They do little jackets for dogs too, how bloomin' cute?! x

    1. Barbour jackets for dogs?!?! I need to see these! x

  5. Those are really cute, keeping an eye out for something like #4!
    Erica xo

  6. #1 for me ! such a classic ! xx

  7. O my God, I love Barbour coats. Number 4 is my fave. I just have a rip-off very chilly version from Topshop.