Xen Tan Dark Lotion


I must of been living under a rock, but I'd actually never heard of Xen Tan until I went to the Leeds Blogger Meet. Luckily we got a lovely presentation by them, telling us all about the brand and products, and a little bag of samples to try.

Dark Lotion, is a tan which acts differently on different skin tones, so with no idea what it would turn out like on mine, and only the name 'dark' to go off,  I was a bit nervous! The tan applied really nicely, it's a brown coloured lotion so you can see where you have and haven't applied, and on application it smells incredibly yummy, like marzipan or something! I was a tad disappointed to find out that this smell didn't last though, and it soon began to smell like a tanning product whilst developing.

The tan didn't come out dark on me at all (I got a darker tan using light St Moritz) however it did give me a lovely looking natural tan, which was more olive green than orange! I was hoping to show before and after photos but they didn't show to well, however I do have it on in this outfit post compared to this post where I've no self tan on at all. 

I was really happy with the colour and the fact it was virtually streak free (apart from where I messily let water run down the side of my wrist). Right now for me though I think this product is a little above my price range. Although I would consider booking myself in for a Xen Tan spray tan, or buying a bottle if I was going somewhere special! You can buy small samples on the website too if you wanted to see how Xen Tan would work for you before going for the full size!

Have you tried Xen Tan before? What do you think of it?

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  1. ive never tried it, but only heard good things. if im honest im far to terrified to stray from st tropez, ive had so many bad tans! st moritz is the closest dupe, yoou picked well miss! xx

  2. I've always wanted to try Xen Tan but I had never seen a good review of it until now! When I finish my St Tropez I may give this brand a try :)



  3. I've not tried this, I've only ever used fake tan once actually, but if I were to, I think Xen would be the brand I'd use as I've heard fantastic things about their products, although the fact it's called 'Dark Lotion' might scare me a bit too, I'm very pale! x
    Sirens and Bells

  4. I've used St Tropez and other gradual tanners before, but Xen tan is my favourite!

    I use it on my face too, and surprisingly doesn't break me out! :)

  5. i love everything about this apart from i hardly got any colour either :( i was gutted but still thinking of getting the full size hoping if i apply it for a few days il get a darker colour. i love that it had no orange in and the smell was alot nicer. x

  6. I have heard good about this,it seems great!